CreativeLive is the world’s leading learning platform for creators and entrepreneurs with over 10 million students worldwide. I joined the company in the midst of a significant growth phase as a Content Producer. I developed programming, content, and marketing strategies for over 60 classes across 4 verticals out of studios in Seattle and San Francisco.

During my time there I helped launch the Music and Audio content channel and served as the Executive Content Producer for Photo Week and Photoshop Week 2015, two of the company’s flagship productions. As a Content Producer I oversaw and owned curriculum development, asset creation, marketing, and merchandising of courses.

Photo Week and Photoshop Week 2015

These two live streams were some of the biggest revenue generators for the company, collectively generating $1.5 million in revenue at the time of production. In my role, I served as the central hub and Executive Producer for the week-long broadcasts that spanned 4 different studios in 2 different cities and involved 50+ stakeholders, producers, and crew.

This required me to interface with the production, content, marketing, and creative services departments to ensure all deadlines were met, budgets maintained, and overall vision achieved.

The end result was hundreds of hours of digital educational content that was merchandised for years to come.

“Ryan Roberts is so good at his job that he does himself a disservice. He has produced some of CreativeLive’s most complex conferences so smoothly and with so little drama that it is only in hindsight we recognized how phenomenal a producer he really is. I honestly don’t know how he does it. Issues get addressed before they become larger problems. Everyone on the team knows what their jobs are. Details are thought-out well ahead of time. Geez! How are the rest of us supposed to recognize how good he is if he never breaks a sweat?”

Craig Swanson
Founder, CreativeLive

Selected Clips of Content I've Produced

Studio Pass with Steve Evetts

A multi-day audio production course with legendary record producer Steve Evetts (The Cure, New Found Glory) and Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman.

How To Be A Commercial Photographer

A multi-day course on the process of a commercial product photo shoot with Rob Grimm, featuring a real-client shoot.

Understanding Lenses and Focal Lengths

Clip from a location-shoot to demonstrate the differences in lenses and focal lengths with Seattle-based photographer John Greengo.

Mastering Long Exposure Photography

An advanced photography course with renowned photographer Matt Kloskowski that featured on-location and in-studio segments.

Studio Pass with Kurt Ballou

A deep dive into the coveted production techniques of producer and guitarist for Converge, Kurt Ballou.

The Art of Professional Retouching

Clip from an advanced photography and Photoshop course with Felix Kunze and Pratik Naik.

Mic Positioning 101

A clip from an audio production course with Producer Sam Pura of Panda Studios.

You Don’t Need Your Mother’s Permission To Succeed

A clip from portrait photographer Sue Bryce’s Portrait Studio Startup course

The Art of Selling What You Make

A multi-day course on growing a small business with Tara Gentile.